Promote advanced irrigation, save water for dry crops

To apply advanced irrigation technology, save water. Thanh Hoa Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has applied high technology to the development of modern agriculture, value chain oriented production to increase value added, to respond to drought and climate change.

Application of advanced water-saving irrigation technology has brought about a clear and practical effect, increasing the yield of upland crops by an average of 10% – 30% depending on the type of crop; reduce labor costs for irrigation and care from 20% -50% of labor; This technology also saves 20% -40% of water compared to traditional irrigation methods, minimizes the risk of pollution by reducing the amount of fertilizer from 5-30% during cultivation. Increase income for people and businesses.

As reported by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. The area of ​​upland crops for advanced irrigation and water saving by the end of 2019 will reach about 2,579.31 hectares, an increase of 2,252.39 hectares compared to 2015. According to the type of irrigation technology, the province is mainly irrigated with drip irrigation, accounting for 63.82% of the advanced and economical irrigation area. Most of the irrigation technology and equipment are originated from Israel and are domestically produced through the improvement and integration of foreign technologies.

From 2016 to 2019, Thanh Hoa province has supported the solidification of 101.37 km of inland canals in the construction of high-yield, quality, and efficient rice-intensive areas with the support cost of 20,273 , 28 million dong. Construction of sugarcane surface irrigation system includes building water tanks (to pump the chain from the water source into the fields), buying lines, locks, valves to install drip irrigation system on the field, buying pumps for sugar cane irrigation. Support for 05 districts (Tho Xuan, Nhu Xuan, Nhu Thanh, Thuong Xuan and Thach Thanh) to build irrigation system for sugarcane field, with a total irrigation area of ​​1,092 ha, support 16,380 million VND.

Agricultural production applying high technology has been increasingly interested in and applied by businesses and cooperatives in the province, such as technology in agricultural production according to VietGAP standards, investment in building membrane houses, nethouse…; Investing in advanced irrigation technology to save water is also a concern and choice of businesses and cooperatives to apply in clean and smart agricultural production in the production value chain of agricultural products to improve production efficiency. The participation of enterprises and cooperatives in the province in applying advanced irrigation, saving water for upland crops is increasingly developed. In 2015, there are 02 enterprises, 03 cooperatives applying advanced irrigation and water saving, by 2020 there are 24 enterprises, 33 cooperatives applying advanced irrigation technology, saving water. markedly effective.

In the 2016-2020 period, on the basis of the plan to review and adjust the structure of public investment, Thanh Hoa province has implemented an investment project to build irrigation infrastructure for intensive farming. Thanh Hoa province from the state budget capital managed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and local capital with the goal and task is to build an irrigation system to create a stable supply of irrigation water for intensive farming of 480 ha. sugarcane in the communes of: Cong Liem, Nong Cong district; Thanh Tan, Hai Long and Yen Lac communes of Nhu Thanh district; Luong Son commune, Thuong Xuan district serves as the basis for step by step applying advanced water saving technology; contribute to poverty reduction, improve the living standards of people in the region; total investment 91.54 billion.

Mr. Le Duc Giang, Director of Thanh Hoa Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said: The Department continues to strengthen propaganda, dissemination and introduction of successful agricultural production models using advanced irrigation systems, saving water so businesses and agricultural people can know and see the efficiency of advanced irrigation, economically compared with traditional irrigation methods, from which people will actively apply. In the coming time, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development reports to the Provincial People’s Committee to request the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to complete a set of technological processes, standards, technical instructions, and norms for water saving irrigation application for Major upland crops serve as a basis for implementation and replication of models.

Source: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment




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